Bayou Teche Eucharistic Procession subsumes culture

St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church celebrates its 250th Anniversary this year via boat pilgrimage along Bayou Teche, and, it has chosen to conduct this pilgrimage on Aug. 15, the National Day of Acadians.

Bayou Teche is the 17th trail of the U.S. Department of the Interior National Water Trails Systems, thanks to the Bayou Teche Project and its work to clean and keep clean this historic waterway.

Beginning in Leonville, the procession travels through Arnaudville, Cecilia, Breaux Bridge, Parks and concludes in St. Martinville.


NUNU Arts and Culture Collective supports this outreach for inclusion of communities by St. Martin de Tours, and offers its congratulations.

Survey draws triple expected response


The National Endowment for the Arts and bi-parish funded survey, measuring support for a proposed Arnaudville French immersion school and cultural business incubator, drew three times the anticipated response.

Public completion of surveys concluded May 22 and according to economic development strategy consultant Taimerica, the survey proved most successful as a means of measurement.

Release of findings to Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation is scheduled for June 30.

Hermione has docked


Hermione lift team leader William Lewis led all to a successful docking June 10. Photo by: Francine Primeaux-Kennedy

The Hermione, the “Frigate of Liberty,” in which the Marquis de La Fayette sailed to America in 1780, has docked at NUNU Arts and Culture Collective.
Never mind that graffiti disfiguring her hull, our team of artisans will soon have her ship shape and ready for public presentation shortly.
Donated to NUNU by the City of Lafayette, via the support of Center International Director Philippe Gustin, the Hermione will serve both as an attraction and educational learning tool – en français, of course.
A maritime vocabulary listing for description of ship, sails, cannons, etc … will be translated and distribution to Acadiana schools.

The model was included as one of numerous exhibitions featured during the 2007 City of Lafayette celebration honoring the 250th anniversary of the birth of La Fayette and was exhibited at the former Lafayette Natural History Museum.

And, for more information on the Hermione and its history and the current full-sized replication and its 2015 voyage to America, visit France magazine (2015 winter edition).

Deux Bayous Gallery shows photos by Zeralda LaGrange

Arnaudville native Zeralda LaGrange is the Deux Bayous Gallery featured artist for June.

“If someone had told me when I was young that I would grow up with a burning desire to be a photographer, me and everyone around would have laughed. It wasn’t until well into my adulthood, I turned my camera to something that always gave me peace –  nature,” LaGrange said.

Photography “is a meditative process that allows me to slow down and be totally present in the moment,” she added. “Each time I make a photo, I’m not just documenting the beauty of light, nature and my surroundings, I’m capturing a unique moment that will never happen again, no matter how much effort is put into replicating the moment. It can be similar, but never exactly the same.  I guess you could say my superhero power is my ability to stop time.”

Partner member events

536Tom’s Fiddle and Bow monthly jam, 1-4 pm, first Sunday of the month. Event is a potluck social, so bring a dish along with a musical instrument. Tom’s provides the refreshments. 204 Fuselier Road, Arnaudville

Bumper Sticker 2Bayou Teche Brewing Cajun Jam, 2 pm, Saturdays at brewery.
1106 Bushville Hwy., Arnaudville


Poetry and short story readings, 7 p.m., last Wednesday of every month at the Grand Coteau Ballroom in Grand Coteau
Public invited to bring own work and share via open mic.

LSU-Arnaudville French Immersion completes third year

The Louisiana State University Sur les Deux Bayous, a five-day cultural and linguistic immersion session,
finished its third year this May.

For five days, students toured, cooked, sang, listed to and wrote poetry, danced, played bourré and of course, crawfished – en français. English is forbidden (L’anglais est interdit) for the entire five days.

“The intent is to give students opportunity to use their French language intensively for an extended period of time,” said Amanda Lafleur, professor of Cajun studies at LSU.

The session is planned out so students get to know Louisiana French speakers, learn about local history, attractions and cultural practice and have fun, Lafleur explained

“Looking back over three years now, I think that what means the most to students are the human contacts, the sense of having taken part in activities that are part of the lives of the local community.  In addition, the chance to use the French language in an authentic context makes this experience unique within the United States,” Lafleur said.

Monthly Events

Participants under the age of 18
should be accompanied by an adult.


Every Thursday – 1:30 p.m., Les Coudre Points, needlework ” en fran?ais.”   Quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, needlepoint. Bring along some work, socialize and share knowledge. All ages welcome. Rejoignez-nous. For more information call Loretta Bourque at 337-754-7115.

First Wesnesday – 9:30 a.m., June 3, Demi Tasse short story
club discusses Walker Percy’s, “Young Nuclear Physicist.”  Join members for discussion. Demi Tasse short story club is a Bouki Books sponsored event. Open membership. For more information call Jacqui Cochran at 337-484-9190.
Second Sunday – 1:30 pm, April 12, All in the Golden Afternoon… tea demonstration. Francesca Kennedy introduces the brewing and serving of classic British teas. This month she serves  hibiscus tea. “With the advent of summer, hibiscus tea is perfect for helping your body counter the effects of heat,” she notes.
Monthly event provides historic insight into the practices that surround the international enjoyment of tea. Cost is $7.

Second Sunday – 2-4 p.m., June 14, Music Jam by Artists as One Voice. Not a performance, but rather open session for the purpose of enjoyment and networking opportunities. In La Pataterie, former Singleton sweet potato drying shed. For more information call Clent Marks at 337-326-7313.

Third Friday – 7 p.m., May 15, Potluck social. ? la bonne franquette. Join us for our monthly Potluck gathering. Meet photographer Zeralda LaGrange, Deux Bayous Gallery featured artist of the month, and enjoy traditional French music provided by the Potluck Band. Cost is contribution to communal dinner. Non-alcohol refreshments available for purchase. Dining begins 7:30 p.m.

Third Sunday – 3 p.m., June 21, Drum Circle, all ages 10+. Bring percussion instrument and join in the creation of sound through improvisation and exploration. One hour. For more information contact Clare Hernandez at 337-593-0166.

Last Saturday – 9 a.m.-noon, June 27, La Table Fran?aise. Popular Francophone gathering. Coffee and homemade treats served alongside fun topics and group conversation. A true cultural immersion experience.

July (Planning ahead)

First Wednesday – 9:30 a.m., June 3, Demi Tasse short story clubdiscusses James Gordon Bennett’s , “The Perfect Mousse Ducktail.”  Join members for discussion.

Demi Tasse short story club is a Bouki Books sponsored event. Open membership. for more information call Jacqui Cochran at 337-484-9190.

( Note: Artist Retreat, a dedicated two-day first weekend work time for visual artists returns in September.)

New Orleans’ Confetti Park
records in Acadiana


A new kids radio show called “Confetti Park” is coming to Arnaudville to record NUNU Arts and Culture Collective Member and author Debbie Hardy.

Hardy has written a trilogy of children’s stories that relate the story of a boy and his dog as they transition from live in the country to life in the city. “Kiko in the Country,” “Kiko in the City,” and “Kiko Gets Her Cake,” include illustrations by Marguerite “Sissy” Hardy, also of Arnaudville.

While in the area, Confetti Park host  Katy Hobgood Ray seeks to record other unknown talents, including talented young children. “Confetti Park” airs 12:30 p.m. every Saturday on WHIV 102.3 FM in New Orleans and via live stream at

To reach Ray, email her at [email protected]