Survey input sought on proposed
Arnaudville immersion school/cultural business incubator

283A residential and business community survey, measuring St. Landry and St. Martin parishes’ support for a proposed Arnaudville French immersion school and cultural business incubator, is now available for public input.

The survey can be accessed on line at: or by printed copy at Arnaudville and Henderson town halls.Online links can be access on St. Landry Parish Government Website and Arnaudville Police Department Website.

Also, a web search for  “Cultural survey Arnaudville,” pulls up links to the Daily World newspaper and KLFY television through which easy link access is contained within stories.

The final day for submission of survey is May 22, so do not miss this chance to “tell LCEF what you think.”

The business plan determines viability of the proposed center and economic impact. The survey is to gain input on the proposed facility from a broad range of residents and businesses in both St. Landry and St. Martin parishes.

The survey also provides out-of-parish residents and businesses to participate. Data will be segregated so as to show response from within existing hospital district, outside of hospital district but within either St. Landry or St. Martin parishes – and outside the parishes of St. Landry and St. Martin.

LCEF’s proactive focus of supporting creative entrepreneurialism statewide drew it to the Arnaudville project. CEO Aimee Smallwood states, “We see a facility like this as a statewide resource that will draw not only Louisianians, but also visitors from all over the world. This could become a real economic driver for the entire area.”

LCEF was established as a 501(c)3 organization in 2005 and serves as a catalyst for the development and enhancement of the distinct cultural industries of Louisiana by promoting the economic health and quality of life of our cultural economy workforce.

LCEF requested the National Endowment for the Arts – Art Works grant which along with the parish governments of St. Landry and St. Martin, funds the study and planning project.

Deux Bayous introduces
featured artist

6c02b8c5-bbcb-4918-8442-2f8dbd785318Meet Karita Drumm,  a 27-year old Louisiana artist currently based is Lafayette.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metalworking and Jewelry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is currently exhibiting at the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum.

At Deux Bayous Gallery see pieces from her “Psyouthern Ether” colleection.

“Our artwork is based on the concept of orgonite, which is a theoretical way of producing negative ions, or positive etheric energy<” Drumm said. “Negative ions are generated from natural events such as waterfalls and lightning, which gives the air a light and crisp feeling because they attach to pollutants and drop them to the ground.

“We create these one of kind pieces by bonding together layers of organic and inorganic material that seem to defy gravity by elegantly floating within an epoxy medium.”

Partner member events

536Tom’s Fiddle and Bow monthly jam, 1-4 pm, first Sunday of the month. Event is a potluck social, so bring a dish along with a musical instrument. Tom’s provides the refreshments. 204 Fuselier Road, Arnaudville

Bumper Sticker 2Bayou Teche Brewing Cajun Jam, 2 pm, Saturdays at brewery.
1106 Bushville Hwy., Arnaudville


Poetry and short story readings, 7 p.m., last Wednesday of every month at the Grand Coteau Ballroom in Grand Coteau
Public invited to bring own work and share via open mic.

Demonstration takes center stage on Second Saturdays


Mother’s Day trumps tea time

Francesca Kennedy heads  NUNU Golden Afternoon

Francesca Kennedy heads
NUNU Golden Afternoon

Francesca Kennedy, NUNU’s partner expert on tea must move her May Second Sunday “All in the Golden Afternoon” tea demonstration to the following week.

It appears, there is a definite conflict as May’s Second Sunday falls on Mother’s Day, and Francesca’s mother insist on a private tea time with her daughter.

NUNU Arts and Culture Collective maintains a strict “no contradicting mothers” policy.

Therefore, “In the Golden Afternoon,” tea time will take place 1:30 pm, Sunday, May 17.

Monthly Events

Participants under the age of 18
should be accompanied by an adult.


Every Thursday – 1:30 p.m., Les Coudre Points, needlework “en français.”  Quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, needlepoint. Bring along some work, socialize and share knowledge. All ages welcome. Rejoignez-nous. For more information call Loretta Bourque at 337-754-7115.

Third Friday – 7 p.m., May 15, Potluck social. À la bonne franquette. Join us for our monthly Potluck gathering. Meet Deux Bayous featured artist Karita Drumm and enjoy traditional French music jam lead by Byron Boudreaux. Cost is contribution to communal dinner. Non-alcohol refreshments available for purchase. Dining begins 7:30 p.m.

Third Sunday – 1:30 pm, May 17, “All in the Golden Afternoon” tea demonstration. Francesca Kennedy introduces the brewing and serving of classic British teas. Monthly event provides historic insight into the practices that surround the international enjoyment of tea. Cost is $7. Participants under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

Third Sunday – 3 p.m., May 17, Drum Circle, all ages 10+. Bring percussion instrument and join in the creation of sound through improvisation and exploration. One hour. Participants under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. For more information contact Clare Hernandez at 337-593-0166.

Last Saturday – 9 a.m.-noon, May 30, La Table Française. Popular Francophone gathering. Coffee and homemade treats served alongside fun topics and group conversation. A true cultural immersion experience. No cost.

June (Planning ahead)

Artist Retreat, a dedicated two-day first weekend work time for visual artists plans a vacation. Artist Retreat weekend returns in September.

First Wednesday – 9:30 a.m., June 3, Demi Tasse short story
club discusses Walker Percy’s, “Young Nuclear Physicist.”  Join members for discussion. Demi Tasse short story club is a Bouki Books sponsored event. Open membership.

Cinéma Français fest coming

9a489812-0035-4185-a41a-ece9e50e4333The fourth Thursday Cinéma Français is no longer part of the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective monthly events lineup.

Like the caterpillar encasing itself in preparation for transformation – Cinéma Français too will soon emerge in grandiose form as a new yearly French film festival.

‘The intent originally was to use French filns for fraoncophone interests and as a means of language acquisition,” said Darrell Bourque, Cinéma Français moderator. “We are still committed, while taking this hiatus to negotiate with several parties and bring it back in a more effective format.”

ULL marketing
students offer new strategies

317e2945-e7bf-4193-bb9f-ec60e10aa14fDuring the past three months, NUNU Arts and Culture Collective has been under the magifying glass of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s marketing program.

Nominated by Lafayette International Center Director Philippe Gustin, NUNU benefits from the input of three marketing team plans, each offering suggestions on ways to further collective marketing efforts.

NUNU Director George Marks; Team 2, Kelli Guillory, Matthew Zada, Rebecca Savoie, Brittany Labbie, Scott Eschete, James Langlois; Instructor, Dr. Dedria Givens-Carroll; NUNU Marketing Driector Jacqui Cochran; and via Skype NUNU Website Manager Jill Hackney and Membership Chair Lisa diStefano.

Guided by Dr. Dedria Givens-Carroll, the three teams completed for grades and votes, as NUNU membership chair, Website manager, marketing director and collective executive director split hairs on which was top plan and presentation.