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…for YOU are the reason the NUNU collective is this vibrant, award winning, regionally, nationally and internationally recognized place maker.

In 2017 expect to see an expansion of the annual French Week Creative Placemaking Summit to a greater French language inclusive “Semaine de la Francophonie”; the return of a Tiny House workshop in partnership with Arnaudville’s newest business, Tee Tiny Houses; and more special event hosting, such as repeats of the successful 2016 Conscious Living Expo and Al Berard Music Festival.

As a 501(c)(3) that is ALL volunteer run, and receiving only $3000 annually in government (Louisiana Decentralized Arts) funding, your support as individuals, and as businesses/partners, assures the continuation of the collective.

Please support the NUNU collective by becoming or continuing to be a member, and/or by donation through PayPal or Amazon Smile.


Arts and Culture Collective 

1510 Courtableau Road, Arnaudville, LA 70512 
Open 11 a.m.-4 p.m., ThursdaySunday  337-453-3307



Le Village Gaulois, Candide Wyble’s successful weekly French Immersion class has reached capacity. As a result, she is unable to welcome new villagers at this time – BUT, those wishing to be included on a wait list, please email Le Gaulois with you contact information.

Le Village Gaulois is an entertaining way to brush up on your French through Gaulish tales & culture, classics of French cuisine and natural arts & crafts workshops. Every three months, the “Indomitable Gauls” suit up in their best Gaulish warrior, craftsman, farmer, bard or druidic costume to gauloisement party for “Les Nuits Gauloises.” All levels of French are welcome. $5 donation per class.

After the Feb. 1 celebration of Imbolc, Les Gaulois embrace the Beltaine season.

Wyble leads Gaulois  in the preparation of foods to be served during the Feb. 1 celebration of Imbolc.

Yoga and Yoga en français 6-7 p.m. every Thursday.

Treat yourself well.
Stretch, release, breath and feel the benefits of a one hour yoga workout weekly with instructor Christy Farnsworth. This is a gentle Hatha Yoga practice that utilizes bolster supports with some postures.

And on the last Thursday of the month – join Martine, who will take you through the routine – en français.

Beginning March 2, Genealogy 101 introduces you to the processes of tracing your family tree. Susie Guidry Perry leads the 1-3 p.m., Thursday class, through five weeks of organization and research insights, culminating with a field trip to the state archives in Baton Rouge.

Class size is limited to five and cost is $30 per person, and includes a work binder.

You can register for the class by emailing [email protected] or calling 337-456-8599.


Gumbo Time, a monthly pop-up fundraiser, benefiting the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective, enlists the expertise of Rita Marks and features her famous chicken and sausage gumbo. This event functions through order placement and pick up.

Order ahead through the second Friday of each month and pick up that Sunday. This month the order deadline date is Feb. 10 and pick up is Feb. 12 at the collective.

Gumbo is sold by bowl with rice and bread ($8) and/or by half-gallon ($15) and gallon ($30) with rice. Larger qualities also available. To place an order visit the collective or give Gumbo Time coordinator Tammy Marks a call at 337-298-2547.


Lawrence Guidroz, French speaker, Le Village Gaulois chief, member of the L’Hermoine restoration team and NUNU volunteer, is a retired river boat captain and Arnaudville native who came to the collective during the 2015 Tiny House build.
“I heard about it (the​

Lawrence Guidroz

collective) from Erilda and George (Arnaud, Guidroz’s in-laws and neighbors). I really didn’t know what it (NUNU) was about,” he said. “After a few times, we started coming to events.”

Guidroz graduated from event attendee to volunteer when following completion of classes on the first Tiny House build, further finishing work was required. “That is when I started coming,” Guidroz noted. “All of that work on the tiny house, helping out, kept me active. I enjoyed that.

“Here there is always variety, change – lot’s of stimulation,” he added. “I like to meet people and one good thing is (here) you meet a lot of different people, and to me, when I come here everybody is happy.
“I like everything about coming here.”

Guidroz celebrates 53 years of marriage in November with Janelle “Nellie” Knott. They have two sons.
____________________________________________________________________Richard Cusson of Quebec and Wenjun “Wendy” Duan of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China, met in Montreal. Three months ago, they entered the United States for the purpose of touring the country via a 1999 VW Euro Van. After researching the Help X volunteer tourism Website, Richard notice a post soliciting help at the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective. They arrived Dec. 22.

Since then, Wendy has prepared and served spring rolls and dumplings while showing us how, and introduced us to traditional Chinese dance. Richard has repaired broken pipes following a freeze, mopped floors and installed security equipment.

Richard and Wendy

While here Wendy and Richard became friends with Arnaudville resident and physician Dan Liu, and together the ladies organized a Jan. 28 Chinese New Year Celebration at the collective. That same day the monthly La Table Francaise gathering was taking place, providing NUNU with dual cultural ongoing events – to the delight of all.

Richard and Wendy leave us this month to continue their journey. They are two of 70+ tourism volunteers who since 2014 have gifted NUNU with their helping hands, giving hearts and enduring friendships. Bon voyage!

Jacques Arnaud French Studies

La Table Française enters its 11th year in 2017 under the leadership of Jacques Arnaud French Studies Director Mavis Fruge. This last Saturday of the month morning gathering, 9:30-11:30 a.m., continues to serve as the basis of French language promotion within the collective.

Area French speakers/students, ages 7-17, are invited to meet 3-5 p.m., the last Sunday of the month for La Table Jeunesse. The youth French table offers crafts and activities so students of French, whether immersion on second-language can socialize and network. No cost. Refreshments provided.

In addition, the Jacques Arnaud French Studies now offers a French table gathering at the J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home, where residents and visitors join in conversation during a 9:30 a.m., fourth Thursday, Allons Parler Français gathering.

Les Coudre Points, a needlework focused French Immersion project of the JAFS, continues its work on a quilt design by artist Lauren Greene Whyte. Here you learn the steps of quilt making as practiced for centuries.

Other needlework techniques in knitting, crocheting, tatting are welcomed. Les Coudre Points is about sharing knowledge in a supportive working circle, where French language is introduced as related to needlework. It meets weekly, 10:30-noon, Fridays. For more information contact director Loretta Bourque at 337-258-6363.

Conscious Living

Meeting 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., every third Sunday, the Spiritual Living Circle is a local study group that offers spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place”… holding that “all life is sacred.”

The format begins with a coffee/tea/munchies time, followed by a discussion of a current book which has been chosen by group consensus – for example, such authors as Eckhart Tolle, Joan Borysenko, David Hawkins, and Joe Dispenza. Meetings center on a discussion circle that provides a forum for the purpose of fostering personal growth, often incorporating a short meditation and finishing with a few minutes of closing affirmation.

The meeting is open and all are invited to join in the discussion.

Experience the many benefits of a Drum Circle every third Sunday from 3-4 p.m. at the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective.

In February, the group explores drumming as a healing technique,” states leader Claire Hernandez.

The pounding sound of a drum can help us to take notice of our own heartbeat. Drumming also provides a therapeutic inroad to the inner self. A low, steady beat can create a calmness whereas a stronger upbeat can stir us into action or frenzy.

Join Hernandez and David Delhomme for this wonderful monthly practice and experience the beat!

Monthly Events

All events at NUNU collective unless otherwise noted.

Participants under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesdays6-7:30 p.m., Le Village Gaulois French immersion class. $5 donation per class.

Thursdays6-7 p.m., Yoga, and on the last Thursday of every month, Yoga en français. $13 per class or $50 for five classes.
Fridays10 a.m.-noon, Les Coudre Points, needlework “en français.”
First Sunday1-3 p.m., Tom’s Fiddle & Bow, JAMbalaya Acoustic Music Jam. Arnaudville.

Second Thursday
3-4 p.m., Demitasse short story club.Second Saturday10 a.m.-3 p.m., Louisiana Marketshops in Henderson Sale and Farmers’ Market.

Third Friday7 p.m., Potluck social. Cost is contribution to table. Traditional Cajun music.
Third Sunday10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Spiritual Living Circle; 3-4 p.m., Drum Circle, ages 10+; and 5-8 p.m., Leave-No-Trace Potluck and Old-Time Song Swap, at La Poste in downtown Arnaudville.
Last Wednesday7-9 p.m., Festival of Words music and open mic at Chicory Coffee Shop in Grand Coteau.Last Saturday9:30-11:30 a.m., La Table Française.


Last Sunday3-5 p.m., La Table Jeunesse.

Here’s to our

“Phoenix on the Fuselier”


On Jan. 11, NUNU Arts and Culture Collective Director George Marks received the Jillian Johnson Cultural Entrepreneurial Award from ABiz magazine. It was in recognition of his leadership in the evolution of the NUNU collective as a stimulus to the economic growth of Arnaudville, and its influence as a model of Creative Placemaking.

Congratulations George, and while you unhesitatingly point to all around you as the “real” placemakers, we say, “Well deserved.”

Photo by Robin May
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